What we do

IUXP helps you to create successful and inspiring experiences for your customers. We do this through user research, design and helping your organisation become an expert in UX.

Our most common joint projects are research projects. The IUXP’s common understanding of quality in user research and the well-established collaboration between the partners mean that the quality and consistency of your results is assured, as well as the reliability and efficiency with which they will be delivered.

All International UX Partners have state of the art equipment and tools that facilitate all kinds of in-house and mobile user research. Modern and spacious facilities accommodate the actual user research as well as observers, note takers and interpreters. Facilities are conveniently located in major cities across the world.


Typically lab tests conducted at our facilities. Desktop, smartphones, tablets or any other device, with screen capturing or eye-tracking depending on your needs.


Interviews or observations conducted in the field. Contextual inquiries, shadowing participants or any suitable method to learn about your customers' needs and experiences.


Expert reviews of your service or product. Or desktop research covering your area of interest.


Taking user research and design further by exploring and visualizing concepts and solutions.

Our partners

A fine collection of devoted UX researchers and designers ready to assist you.